Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quick & Easy & Delicious & Family-Approved

I have been dreaming up a beef stroganoff recipe for awhile. What type of beef? What method--crockpot or stovetop?? When taking my first go at it, turned out exactly how I wanted it to! Everyone in the house loved it!!! It made a ton too! Paige ate it for 2 days after for lunches-because she begged for it!

1 lb ground beef (season to taste)
1 bag organic egg noodles 
1 can cream of mushroom 
1 carton fresh mushrooms (sliced) 
1/2 cup sour cream 
1 packet beefy onion Lipton soup mix (the powder) 

 Brown your meat and get your water boiling. Once the meat is browned and seasoned with Lipton mix. Add in your mushrooms to start cooking. Once the mushrooms are partially cooked, drop your pasta. Add the cream of mushroom to your meat mixture and simmer a few minutes until heated through and mushrooms are cooked. Add sour cream at the end until warm then add in your noodles. If your sauce is too thick add a tiny bit of your pasta water to thin out a bit. I liked mine the way it was so the sauce was nice and creamy, not soupy. Served this with broccoli and crusty sourdough bread! So quick and simple and yummalicious!

UPDATE--I made this again today and used about a ladle full of pasta really depends how much water your mushrooms put out!  I thought about adding spinach this time but we have had enough spinach today i think!  

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  1. That sounds really yummy! I love beef stroganoff.
    Just got caught up on your blog, by the way. You have such beautiful girls, Heather!