Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flowers Bring Butterflies

"Creating and maintaining a garden can be one of the most enjoyable things you'll ever do.  It's satisfying partially because of the results and partially because of the process itself.  Gardening calls on and develops skills that might otherwise lie dormant.  For example, designing a garden brings out the artist in almost everyone." -excerpt from Complete Home Gardening

I completely agree with this quote!  Each year I get a little better at picking things, placing them, buying enough, keeping alive, maintaining and working around my perennials.  It actually takes a WHOLE lot of brain power to work gardens, not to mention the physical power!  Its so amazing to see things come back in the spring and watch your garden fill up over the course of the spring/summer!  There isn't anything fancy about our flowerbeds but we sure love them and get lots of enjoyment out of them!  Paige spends tons of time digging, planting and learning about all of the creatures that take part in our gardens.  She loves chasing butterflies and hearing about them, bees, rolly pollys, worms, etc.  She has her own gloves, shovel, sun hat, watering can and flowers to tend to. She never picks our flowers and despises weeds!!

Why not use a dust pan in your gardening?!
 Flip flops are really comfy worn on the wrong feet, she promises! 
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful outdoors!!

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